The new COVID-19 coronavirus is currently on the rise. Symptoms range from mild to severe respiratory conditions with fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. Elderly people and people with existing chronic conditions appear to be more likely to have serious symptoms.

Visiting is currently no longer possible, except in a few exceptional cases.

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  • Every patient should get enough rest. A short visit is fun, a long one is tiring!
  • Contact the patient in advance to arrange an appropriate time to visit.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. There are specific smoking areas outside the hospital.
  • Children are sometimes very enthusiastic. Don't let them play in the hallway, also for safety reasons.
  • Lifts can be dangerous for children. Accompany them in the lift and never let them play in or close to lifts.
  • For hygienic reasons, do not use the patient's sanitary facilities. There are toilets for visitors.
  • Respect visiting hours. Contact the nurses before deviating from those times.
  • The provision of care always has priority.
  • Mobile phone use is permitted, except in places with a prohibited sign.
  • In rooms with several patients, keep the other patient(s) in mind.
  • Don't visit if you have a cold or a fever.