A few tips for your visit

The applicable COVID-19 measures are in force

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  • Every patient should get enough rest. A short visit is fun, a long one is tiring!
  • Contact the patient in advance to arrange an appropriate time to visit.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. There are specific smoking areas outside the hospital.
  • Children are sometimes very enthusiastic. Don't let them play in the hallway, also for safety reasons.
  • Lifts can be dangerous for children. Accompany them in the lift and never let them play in or close to lifts.
  • For hygienic reasons, do not use the patient's sanitary facilities. There are toilets for visitors.
  • Respect visiting hours. Contact the nurses before deviating from those times.
  • The provision of care always has priority.
  • Mobile phone use is permitted, except in places with a prohibited sign.
  • In rooms with several patients, keep the other patient(s) in mind.
  • Don't visit if you have a cold or a fever.