As a volunteer, you provide an extra service to our patients and visitors. In other words, there is no expectation that you take over tasks from our employees. Together with your colleagues, you put our motto ‘Health care with a heart' into practice.

In the hospital, volunteers help in the following departments:


Possible tasks:

  • visiting the wards to offer patients relaxing reads during their stay in the hospital.
  • having a chat that benefits a patient.


Possible tasks:

  • visiting patients, listening to their stories and offering them something to drink.
  • helping with serving and consuming meals (for patients with swallowing difficulties).
  • getting a newspaper or magazine for the patients and/or reading out loud from a book or newspaper.

For more information, please consult the geriatrics head nurse:

Reception and admission

Possible tasks:

  • welcoming patients and visitors at reception and accompanying them in the hospital
  • giving people directions
  • offering help in scanning ID cards at the kiosks at the entrance.
  • getting a wheelchair for patients and helping them to get about the hospital
  • listening to people who are unwell, making time for conversation and giving extra attention and warmth to patients who need it.

For more information, please see the reception and admissions manager:

Pastoral Care Service

Possible tasks:

  • on Sundays and public holidays, bringing Communion to patients together with other volunteers.
  • guiding patients and going to the chapel or atrium for a celebration.

For more information, please see the pastoral care manager:

Patient transport: assistants

As a volunteer, you will help regular staff to transport patients to various departments; walking, in a wheelchair or in a bed.

For more information, please see the mobile equipment and care support head nurse:

Restaurant: assistants

As an assistant in the restaurant, you will help patients or visitors who need assistance to consume meals/drinks and guide them to seats in the restaurant.

For more information, please see the restaurant manager:

Intermediate and long-term care wards

Possible tasks:

  • spending time with patients
  • providing support with administrative tasks
  • helping to prepare and serve meals, fetching water, taking care of flowers
  • logistical tasks in intermediate and long-term care wards

For more information, please contact the volunteer work coordinator


You are the contact person between the waiting patient and the radiology nurse.

Most important tasks:

  • You check the radiology waiting room for hospitalised patients.
  • You are the contact person for the patient.
  • You check with patients in the waiting room to see if they need help.
  • You can take patients back to their room if needed.

‘Maria Middelares General Hospital behind the screens’

Schools and clubs can enjoy a visit to 'Maria Middelares General Hospital behind the screens'.

As a volunteer, you go through the hospital with a group and explain how things work in the hospital depending on the target group.

The planning is done by the person responsible for the tours.

Other services

  • Pharmacy
  • Distribution
  • Technical Department
  • Buddy system
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reception at Maria Middelares Medical Centre