What is it?

A cancer diagnosis often involves invasive treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, immunotherapy or antihormonal therapy). After treatment, many people experience psycho-social and/or physical problems such as stress, anxiety, sexual problems, ongoing fatigue, painful joints, reduced condition...often with consequences for their quality of life and psychological well-being.

Studies show that physical activity can alleviate ongoing fatigue, improve physical fitness and improve psychological well-being.

Test procedure

With the REVIVO Programme, we want to help you improve your quality of life and physical fitness. The rehabilitation programme consists of physical training, combined with psycho-social support (informational or individual sessions). We ask participants to engage and participate in all exercise sessions.

Physical training

Physical training has the following goal:

  • Improve condition of physical fitness by working on stamina and strength training
  • Reduce fatigue symptoms
  • Cope with limitations (e.g. lymph oedema)
  • Develop and maintain an active lifestyle

Psychosocial support

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Revivo's info sessions will continue online starting 12 November 2020. Pre-registration is mandatory (see below).

Psychosocial support consists of several information sessions given by a specialised speaker. At the information sessions, we hope to provide concrete information and tips regarding topics that have to do with cancer treatment. Participation in the informational sessions is strongly recommended, but is voluntary. In addition, each participant also has the option of having an introductory session with a psychologist who works with the rehabilitation team.


Talk to your attending physician about whether participation in REVIVO is right for you. After receiving approval from the attending physician, secretariat staff can help you schedule an inake appointment with the rehabilitation physician. It is possible to join in the programme at anytime during the year.

After the intake with the rehabilitation physician, a fitness test (e.g. a six-minute walking test) and intake with the physiotherapist will be scheduled. The goal of the fitness test is to determine your overall condition. There is also a non-binding option to meet with a psychologist.

Register for online info sessions

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Revivo's info sessions will continue online starting 12 November 2020. Registration is mandatory and can be done using the button below.