Scharnier non-profit organisation

What is it?

The Scharnier non-profit organisation gets its name from the Dutch word ‘scharnier’, which means 'hinge' but also includes the word 'kidney'. The word 'kidney' covers all our kidney patients: dialysis patients and transplant patients. The word ‘hinge’ stands for connection, a pivotal point. The dialysis is in itself a link between the kidney patient and the surroundings. Dialysis is also a link between kidney patients and transplants, hope for new life. The dialysis department remains the home base for patients, where they can always seek advice and guidance together with their families.

The board consists of physicians, nurses and patients.

How it works

  • (Bi-)annual day trips, patient parties, weekends, trips abroad.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated.
  • A small gift during the end-of-year celebrations, at Easter and St. Nicholas.
  • Annual pilgrimage to Lourdes-Oostakker.
  • Annual ‘tour of Ghent-Bruges' by the patients on bed bikes.

For the family

A back-and-forth booklet in a hinge pouch with an informative brochure.

Sponsoring events

Sponsorship promotions are launched regularly; these make it possible to offer all these activities at low cost. A chicken festival is organised every two years.


Look at the website of the Scharnier non-profit organisation

Horizon magazine

'Horizon' is a magazine issued every three months by the Federation of Belgian Associations for Renal Failure. It contains interesting information and documentation about renal conditions and treatment, written with the kidney patient in mind.

You can subscribe or renew your subscription via the non-profit Scharnier.

Hartvrienden (Friends from the Heart)

History and mission

Inspired and supported by the cardiac rehabilitation team, some cardiac patients took the initiative to meet outside the physiotherapy room for a pleasant and health-promoting get-together.

The following ideas came out of the tips box:

  • organisation of an annual 'Party of the Hearts';
  • hikes;
  • cycling tours: a-team and b-team.

Participation is restricted to all cardiac patients of Maria Middelares General Hospital, alone or together with their partners.


Are you interested? Please contact:

Mr Etienne van Rijckeghem
Tel.: 0473 99 95 76

Mr Raoul Lobbens
Tel.: 0475 70 24 06

Mr Laurent Van Rentergem
Tel.: 0485 44 38 80

Ms Evelyne De Vogelaere: physiotherapist for cardiac rehabilitation at Maria Middelares General Hospital
Tel.: +32 9 246 99 01