Maria Middelares General Hospital respects every philosophy of life. All patients are free to entertain their own philosophical and religious convictions. A representative of the various religious communities or a humanistic counsellor will visit you, if you wish. You can ask a nurse, who will call in the necessary assistance for you. You can also contact one of the representatives by telephone.


Maria Middelares General Hospital is a Catholic hospital. The pastoral care in the hospital is aimed at all people who are ill, suffer because of this and have grief; concerns that arise following an admission to the hospital and are waiting to be heard by a benevolent listener. Spiritual pain can arise from confrontation with the sometimes inflexible boundaries of reality.



Being with a patient and listening as a chaplain can forge a bond of trust. While respecting the personal faith and conviction of each patient, faith in God can often provide support. In this way, pastoral care workers try to help by showing people new or different aspects at difficult times in their lives, as well as confirming and encouraging them in the path they have already taken. Meetings take place at the request of the patient, family, physician, nurses or any other hospital employee or at the chaplain’s own initiative.

Prayers and rituals

In addition to support provided by other patients and family, prayers and rituals can also help. Rituals such as a blessing or anointing of the sick are intended as a way of demonstrating God’s presence in a strengthening and comforting way.


Communion is also given to the patients who want it. If you wish to receive communion, please ask the hospital chaplain yourself.


You can always go to the chapel to be alone with your own deepest thoughts, to write down an intention, to light an electric candle, to connect with everyone who has meant a lot to you or to meet God in prayer.

A celebration of the Eucharist can be attended on Tuesdays at 9.30am in the chapel on the second floor (gate D). It can also be viewed on television on channel 2.

Contact details

Catholic community (Pastoral Care Service)

Three hospital chaplains are available for the patients and their families. You can contact anyone from the Pastoral Care Service.

Ms Sigrid Ceulemans (person responsible)
Telephone: +32 9 246 27 77 or e-mail.

Ms Annelie Beyaert
Telephone: +32 9 246 27 76 or e-mail.

Mr Philippe Bafort
Telephone: +32 9 246 27 75 or e-mail.

Protestant Evangelical worship

Rev. M. Loos
Telephone: +32 9 253 29 00

Anglican community

Rev. S. Murray
Telephone: +32 (0)9 336 47 22 or +32 (0)497 45 18 09

Orthodox community

Mr D. Verbeke
Telephone: +32 9 225 47 18

Jewish community

Mr J. Bloch
Telephone: +32 4 96 23 93 88

Ms Sperling-Levin
Telephone: +32 4 76 96 14 20

Islamic/Turkish community

Mr Karadag
Telephone: +32 4 86 42 02 20

Mr H. Kus
Telephone: +32 4 78 48 19 63

Islamic/Arabic community

Ms N. Chairi
Telephone: +329 232 03 89 or +32 476 48 80 05

Humanistic counsellor

Telephone: +329 233 52 26