Physicians, nurses and employees at Maria Middelares General Hospital undertake every effort to provide professional services. Unfortunately, things sometimes do not go according to plan. We recommend that you first discuss this directly with the physician, nurse or employee involved. It may be that, with a small effort on their part, they can meet your expectations, respond to your comment or resolve a misunderstanding. Are you unable to find a solution together? Do you prefer to report your concerns in person and in confidence? Or are you not sure who to direct your concerns to? In that case, contact the ombudsman service.

Your opinion is important

  • An incident: an unforeseen event (action or treatment, medical or otherwise) that you directly or indirectly experience as disruptive and/or which has a negative impact
  • A complaint: any form of annoyance or dissatisfaction you experience as a result of contact with our hospital

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Maria Middelares General Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). You can also contact them directly via this link.