You always need to register for a consultation. Please check in with your electronic ID card at the e-kiosk in the atrium. Read below about how to do that.

How does the e-kiosk work?

  • Insert your electronic ID card into the e-kiosk.
  • Your personal information will appear for you to review. If this information is not correct, please go to the reception desk.
  • After you have confirmed your information, your appointment will appear on the screen and a ticket will be printed.
  • Are you coming for a consultation? Take your ticket and go to the waiting room or the meeting area indicated on the ticket.
  • Are you coming for a (day) admission? Proceed with your ticket to the waiting area next to the reception desk. Your ticket number will be projected onto the TV screens.

Question or problem?

Please speak to one of our volunteers. The reception staff will also be happy to assist you.