You can use our wireless network (AZMM Public) with a laptop or smartphone. A password is not needed.



Do you speak another language or are you deaf or hard of hearing? Then you can let an interpreter assist you.

Clear agreements, good friends.

How do you ask for an interpreter?

You click on ‘I want to request an interpreter’ and complete the form.
If urgent, you (or your representative) can request an interpreter on +32 9 246 96 50.

How far in advance should you ask for an interpreter?

  • For scheduled appointments and admissions, submit your request as soon as you know the date. You should do so no later than two days before the scheduled appointment.
  • Was it not possible to request an interpreter in time? Please let us know within the week after your appointment, stating the reason.

Where can you use an interpreter?

  • Both at Maria Middelares General Hospital and at the Maria Middelares Medical Centre in Ghent-Bruges.
  • You can only use an interpreter for appointments in our hospital. Non-hospital appointments are not covered by this scheme.

How do we choose an interpreter?

  • We engage an online remote interpreter or a telephone interpreter.
  • A professional interpreter can come on site if a remote interpreter or telephone interpreter is not available or if the online application does not work:
    • Our hospital makes the appointment with the interpreter.
    • You can also contact a professional interpreter yourself, after consultation with our service. In that case you should give us his or her contact details. We will contact the chosen interpreter shortly beforehand to discuss your appointment or admission.

How long can you use an interpreter for?

  • As a patient, you can have an interpreter at your disposal for as long as necessary, justified and reasonable. It is important to discuss the expected duration with your physician beforehand. Our services must also be informed of the agreed period during which an interpreter is to be present.

Does the hospital pay for the interpreter?

The hospital pays the interpreter:

  • If you let us know in advance that you need an interpreter. You should do so at least two days before the scheduled appointment.
  • If an interpreter comes on site because a remote interpreter could not be used. Our services will verify this.

The hospital will not pay the interpreter:

  • If we were not informed (in time).

Do you have any other questions?

We will be happy to help you at the hospital information desk. We also take care of the practical organisation.

Hairdresser, pedicure and manicure

Hairdresser, pedicure and manicure

You can make an appointment with a hairdresser, pedicurist or manicurist. You can do so by asking the (head) nurse, who can also provide you with the price list. You will find the costs on the invoice you receive after you leave the hospital.

Radio, TV and reading

Radio, TV and reading
You can use the handset to control the radio and TV.
  • There is a radio and TV in every room. You can operate it using the handset.
  • You can buy daily and weekly newspapers in the shop in the entrance hall of the hospital.
  • You can borrow books free of charge from the hospital library. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, volunteers will visit you in your room for this purpose.