What are your rights as a patient?

Since 2002, patient rights have been defined in the Law on Patient Rights (wet op de patiëntenrechten). You have a right to the following:

  • protection of privacy
  • information about your health condition
  • mediation in case of complaints
  • quality service
  • pain management
  • consent to treatment procedures
  • free choice of care provider
  • rights in relation to your medical record

More information about patient rights can be found here.

Are you dissatisfied? You can always submit a complaint to the ombudsperson service.

House rules

  • Unable to keep an appointment? Inform your physician or the physician’s secretariat.
  • Ensure you bring the correct information: Bring your identity card and wear your wristband on admission.
  • Cooperate regarding your treatment. Provide care providers with accurate information about your health and medication. Comply with your physician’s advice.
  • Help ensure a safe environment. Keep corridors, waiting areas, toilets and other spaces clean and tidy. Do not leave objects lying around. Throw waste into the bin.
  • It is better to leave large sums of money and expensive items at home. The hospital cannot be held liable for loss or theft. Have you nevertheless brought something valuable with you? We can keep your valuables in the hospital safe. They will be returned to you when you are discharged.
  • Respect data privacy and copyrights when recording images or audio in the hospital. Permission from the physician, employee or other parties present is always required to take photos or film video. Permission is also required to distribute any recorded images or video.

Smoking is only allowed in smoking cabins

A general smoking ban in hospitals came into force by Royal Decree of 15 May 1990. Smoking is therefore prohibited throughout the hospital and in the rooms. Smoking outside is only allowed in the smoking cabins at the entrance and near the A&E Department.