Do you have an appointment at the Maria Middelares General Hospital, or are you coming to visit someone? Our hospital can be accessed easily by public transport or by auto. Map your route here.

By (motor)bike

By (motor)bike

There is a free bicycle parking area for visitors, in car parking area 3 under the hospital.

By public transport

By public transport

By train

Take the train to Ghent-Sint-Pieters station. There you can take a bus or tram.

By bus or tram

The following lines go to our hospital. Get off at the ‘Ghent M. Middelares - Maalte’ stop.

  • Bus line 76: toward De Pinte
  • Bus line 77: toward Deinze Kerkhof
  • Bus line 78: toward Zevergem
  • Tram line 1: toward Flanders Expo

Shuttle bus

The shuttle service of Maria Middelares General Hospital connects seamlessly with the ‘Gent M. Middelares - Maalte’ stop. A shuttle bus leaves every 8 minutes, Monday through Friday, from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

By car

By car

There are several ways to drive to Maria Middelares General Hospital. Map out your route here.

These are our GPS coordinates: 2PG2+V7 Ghent.

Parking zones

Take a ticket at the barrier when you enter the car park.
There are three parking zones. As soon as you enter the hospital, there are signs for all the parking zones.

Parking 1 (P1)Tower parking You will find fast, covered access to the hospital on the second floor.
Parking 2 (P2)Open parking between parking areas 1 and 3.
Parking 3 (P3)Covered parking underneath the hospital. There is also a kiss & ride. From here, you can reach the main entrance via the external staircase or lift.

Parking 4 (P4)

Open car park near the monastery. From here, there is a shuttle bus to the hospital (see blue box above).
Emergency car parkDrive in via the emergency car park. More information on the emergency section (practical).

How much does parking cost?

0 to 30 minutesYou do not have to validate your ticket, parking is free of charge. Just hand it in when you leave.
From 30 minutes to 1 hour
From 1 to 2 hours
From 2 hours to 3 hours
From 3 hours to 4 hours
From 4 hours to 5 hours
From 5 hours to 6 hours
From 6 hours to 7 hours
Maximum amount per day

You can pay for the ticket at the ticket vending machines at the reception (at the main entrance). You can also pay with bancontact.


  • Special price of: 10 tickets for €25.00 in the following cases:
    • parents (or guardians) of children on the Paediatrics Department
    • admissions for more than 5 nights: starting on day 6, you may make use of the special price
  • People with a disability:
    • free parking when you show your blue disabilities card

Reserved parking spaces

  • In parking 1 (tower parking), there are four reserved spaces on the second floor for people with disabilities. From here you have a covered rapid access to the hospital.
  • Parking 2 has two reserved spaces for high patient transport.
  • In car parking area 3, there are reserved parking spaces for parent-child, senior citizens, dialysis patients and persons with disabilities. These parking spaces are located near the outside lift that takes you directly to the main entrance.

Are you being dropped off? You can be dropped off by car nearby this lift and may use the kiss-and-ride parking spaces (max. 15 minutes parking).

Do you need a wheelchair?

Our hospital provides wheelchairs on the second floor of the tower car parking area, in the underground car parking area P3 by the lift and at our entrance hall (at gate A).

The wheelchairs are connected to each other by a chain. You can release one with a €1 coin.