Do you need a Corona test? We can perform this test.

Do you need proof of a negative Corona test?

At our hospital, you can have a PCR test for various reasons: for a procedure, high-risk contact or foreign travel.

Please see below for more information.

Travel plans? Consult the travel recommendations for your destination beforehand on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

What is a PCR test?

PCR stands for polymerase chainreaction test. Using a nasal swab, colleagues test in the lab whether you are currently infected with the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). You will receive either a negative or positive result.

In which cases can you come to our hospital for a Corona test?

  • For testing related to a procedure:
    our staff will contact you.
  • For testing related to a high-risk contact (without symptoms) or travelling:
    you can schedule an appointment online yourself.

Are you feeling unwell or are you in quarantine?
First telephone your (primary care) physician.

If your physician suspects you are COVID-19-positive, he or she will test you or refer you to a triage center nearby.

Make your appointment

You can come to our hospital for a Corona test in case of a high-risk contact (without symptoms) or travelling. You can schedule your appointment via the button below.

  • A Corona test is possible from Monday to Saturday, 7.30am - 4pm.
  • Do multiple family members need to be tested?
    Schedule a separate appointment for each family member.
  • Schedule your test on time, especially if you will be traveling
    (we recommend this to happen 48 hours before your departure).

Please note:

  • Are you feeling unwell or are you in quarantine?
    First telephone your (primary care) physician.
  • Leaving on a trip?
    Consult the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Electronic identification card
  • Bank card (also see: How much does a test cost?)
  • Corona Test Prescripion Code via contact tracing or Passenger Locator Form (if you received one)
  • A surgical mask that covers your mouth and nose is required

How do I check in?

  • Location: Maria Middelares General Hospital, Buitenring Sint-Denijs 30, 9000 Ghent
    (Note: No tests are performed at the Maria Middelares Medical Centre in Ghent-Brugges).
  • Come in through the main entrance.
  • Please check in with your electronic identification card at the e-kiosk in the atrium. Choose 'coronatest'.
  • Take a seat in the waiting room coronatest at Gate C and wait to be called.

How much does a test cost?

  • Cost:
    • Testing is not charged when administered after a high-risk contact, a medical procedure or when returning from a red zone.
    • A non-essential Corona test (e.g. for travel) costs €65.00. This includes the cost of the test and the administration. In these cases, there is no reimbursement by the health insurance.
  • Payment: If you have a national register number, you will receive an invoice. If not, you will pay the hospital by bancontact, debit or credit card.

How do you find out your test result?

  • The result from your Corona test will be posted to your online medical record on within 48 hours.
  • If the testing is for traveling purposes, you will receive a certificate by e-mail.

Need assistance?

Call +32 (0)9 246 96 89 to contact COVID screening

  • if you have problems with scheduling
  • if you cannot attend your appointment
  • if you are sick or in quarantine on the day of your appointment

Latest publication date: 12/05/2021