What is it?

A multidisciplinary team (physician, physical therapist, dietitian and psychologist) works with you for a period of six months to achieve a healthier life style and lower body weight.

  • The rehabilitation physician who coordinates the programme looks at the data that were provided by the referring physician. They will request further tests if required to guarantee a safe start of the programme. The rehabilitation physician will continue to coordinate the medical supervision throughout the entire programme.
  • Under supervision of an experienced physical therapist, you will train at a safe pulse rate. Heart rate monitors are available for use during the exercises. Exercises are done in a group, in a pleasant atmosphere, where there is an opportunity to exchange tips as well. Twice a week you will be doing your utmost.
  • Through the updated food pyramid, you will learn, in collaboration with the dietitian, how to make responsible choices when composing your meals. The programme consists of four individual consultations and two group sessions.
  • Two information group sessions under the supervision of a psychologist are included. These will look at, among others, behavioural change, motivation and types of eating behaviours.

You can find all the information in the leaflet at the bottom of the page.


Exercise programmeDietitianPsychologist
Purchase of elastic strap for heart rate monitor: €8.00First individual consultation (one hour): €47.20Information sessions twice every six months (1.5 hours) €20.00
Purchase of digital key: €15.00Three subsequent consultations with the dietitian (45 minutes): €35.40
Per group session: copayment of approximately €7.50Information sessions twice every six months (1.5 hours) €23.60

How do I register?

You can register by contacting the secretariat of the Rehabilitation Centre by telephone:

Register for the group sessions with the dietitian and psychologist.

If you participate in the fitness programme, you can use the button below to register for the group sessions with the dietitian and psychologist.

Centres and specialist areas

Obesity Centre
Physical Therapy

Latest publication date: 17/01/2022