We understand that you have questions about your pregnancy and birth. Please find below the answers to your most frequently asked questions. And know that, no matter what, you are in safe hands while you are at our hospital and that all the necessary preventative measures have been taken.

Prenatal appointments will go ahead. We do ask you to keep a few additional guidelines in mind:

  • Once again, 1 person may accompany you.
  • Do you feel unwell? We ask that you not come to the clinic. It is always an option to have a telephone appointment.

A partner can always be at the birth, even if it is a caesarean section. The partner may also stay overnight to sleep. If it is necessary, your partner may also go home.

We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • practice proper hand hygiene
  • maintain physical distancing
  • limit your comings and goings from the hospital
  • wear a mask (unless you are alone with your partner in the room)

Patients on the Postpartum Ward are allow to receive multiple visitors at once.

  • Keep your visit short.
  • Stay in the room.
  • Take into account the wishes of the new parents.
  • No one who is sick with a cold or who has a cough, fever or shortness of breath is allowed to visit.

Absolutely not - this is also not the government's recommendation (also see the article in De Standaard: 'Hospital Situation Currently Under Control' - 3/19/2020)

A team of experts has been working for weeks to take care that everything during these Corona times is safe and runs optimally. Our hospital staff has also been carefully screened, they wear masks while working and follows strict hand hygiene.

'It is a lot easier to make a hospital birth feel like home than to make a home birth safe.'

Marc Van Ranst - 3/19/2020
The government has asked that there be as little physical contact as possible.

In order to support future parents as best as possible, we offer a number of digital or virtual alternatives:
  • For all information regarding the Child and Family organisation, please go to their website.
  • The information evenings will not be held. You can find out a lot of information via our virtual tour.
  • Prenatal classes: we offer virtual prenatal classes given by the midwife and physical therapist. Register using the calendar. The April class series is full. Would you like to be added to the waiting list? Call the secretariat (during office hours).

In its adapted advisory report (4/15/2021), the Higher Health Council advises prioritising pregnant women for vaccination against COVID-19. This is because, in case of coronavirus infection, there is a higher risk of serious infection for the mother and of premature birth.

Moreover, the Higher Health Council confirms that the current mRNA vaccines can be safely administered to pregnant women. This refers to the vaccines of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Have you not yet been vaccinated and do you want to be vaccinated? Contact your GP.