Hospital for Hospital:

Maria Middelares General Hospital has supported the Memisa ‘Hospital for Hospital’ Project for years. This organisation aims to establish high-quality, long-term basic healthcare, chiefly in Central and West Africa and India. Within this network, Belgian hospitals engage with their patients, visitors and staff to become sensitised to the major inequality that exists worldwide regarding access to high-quality basic health care and perinatal care.

The Maria Middelares General Hospital began a partnership with Memisa for the Katako-Kombe health zone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We focus on, among other things, mother and child care. The initiatives of the last few years have seen a noticeable reduction of maternal mortality and complications of pregnancy. Children have been vaccinated on a large scale and there is a programme to prevent and treat malnutrition. Thanks to the support of many, this hospital is growing rapidly and has become the pilot hospital for the entire region. It has even turned into a training centre for physicians and midwives.

We are now moving ahead with, among other things, a veritable paediatric department, but we still need extra funds.

Own project

Would you like to support Katako-Kombe and make a difference?

  • Organise a fundraising event and a portion of the money raised will go toward Katako-Kombe.
  • Create a birth registry in support of Katako-Kombe.
  • Replace gifts for your own celebration with gifts in support of our partner hospital.

For each gift of €40.00, the donor will receive a certificate making the gift tax deductible.