When do you go to the hospital?

When do you go to the hospital?

Do not hesitate to come to the hospital if you are worried; we are here for you.

Contractions every five minutes

You can recognise contractions from regularly recurring pain in your back and/or tummy. The pain is similar to menstruation pain. The pain is felt at the moment that your womb hardens. When your womb relaxes the pain will go away again.

Leaking fluid

If you suddenly leak a lot of fluid and suspect that your waters may have broken, we want you to come in straight away.

Blood loss

If you have clear blood loss, please come to the Delivery Unit straight away.

Reduced movement of the baby

You need to feel your baby move at least ten times a day.
How do you observe those movements?

  • If you have the impression that your baby is moving less, eat and drink something nutritious.
  • Rest a little while (15-20 minutes) lying on your left side.
  • Place your hands on your stomach: this way it is easier to feel your baby move.

If you have the impression that your baby continues to move less, please come to the Delivery Unit.

Where to park?

Where to park?
  • Park in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) underground parking ramp.
  • Is the construction already underway, making parking underground impossible? The A&E entrance (at the top of the ramp) only has a limited number of spaces available for the pick-up and drop-off of patients. Are you at the ‘Pick-Up and Drop-Off Only’ parking space? Move your vehicle as soon as possible to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) parking ramp.
  • When exiting the emergency car park, the first barrier will open automatically. The ticket must be presented at the second barrier, when leaving the site.

Where do I check in?

Where do I check in?

If you are in labour, please check in at the A&E reception desk. You can do so at any time, day or night. If you come in for labour induction or a scheduled caesarean section, please check in at the A&E reception desk. Make sure to bring your identity card.

To the Delivery Unit

To the Delivery Unit

After you have checked in at the A&E reception desk, go to the Delivery Unit. Take the lift to the second floor and follow the signs for ‘verloskwartier’ (Delivery Unit). At the Delivery Unit, ring the bell. A midwife is expecting you and will come and get you.

Click on the photo and visit the Delivery Unit, along with the different delivery rooms.

Choosing your room

Choosing your room
Click on the photo to have a look at the luxury room and the luxury room lounge

When you give birth, you can opt for a double or a single room. Whatever room you choose, the care will always be the same. The difference is in the additional facilities that are available in the room. For single rooms, physicians can charge supplementary charges.

Recently, we have also introduced luxury single rooms. This type of room offers that little bit of additional comfort for those interested:

  • Welcome gift
  • Space equivalent to two patient rooms
    • Room
    • Lounge (with SMEG fridge), allowing you to sit separately from your visitors for a while, for instance, to feed your baby.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch upgrade with starter, dessert and afternoon snack
  • Dinner

Price: the price of this room is €150 per night for mum and baby. Any additional drinks, meals or gifts are billed to the room.

Are you interested? This room can be booked at the time of the delivery, depending on availability.



We encourage rooming-in at the Maternity Unit as much as possible. Your baby stays with your day and night in your room.

Would your partner also like to stay overnight at the hospital? That is definitely possible, but please be aware that this hotel service carries a number of charges.