Below is a list of all things that you need when giving birth and during your hospital stay:

AdministrationDelivery Unit: separate bagPersonal careBaby care
Identity cardNightdress or T-shirt to wear while giving birthToiletriesSix babygrows
Blood type cardNightdress or T-shirt to wear after giving birthClothing and nightwearSix vests
Insurance formsFirst clothes for your baby: a vest and babygrow with feetTowels and flannelsSix pairs of socks
Maternity booklet or, if applicable, a referral letter from your physician.Sufficient underwear (if applicable, nursing bras)A pair of anti-scratch mittens and hat
If applicable, a certificate of recognitionIf applicable, a (worm-shaped) pregnancy pillowComb
If you wish, you can buy care products and a thermometer for your baby at the Maternity Unit.
Provided for you in your room: disposable nappies and wet wipes