How do you get your child to inhale correctly?

Our team has noticed that many parents do not really know how to have their baby or child inhale correctly, which lead to so-called ‘puffing’. If your child inhales incorrectly, the medication might not work completely. In the videos below, the paediatrician Dr Barbara De Wilde explains for four different types how to correctly use the model in question.



Autohaler with spacer and mask

Autohaler with spacer

Autohaler without spacer


Dosed inhaler with spacer


How do you perform a nasal rinse on your child?

Congested noses are often the cause of bothersome throat, ear, and respiratory infections. Whoever takes care of babies or young children will often need to clear up a stuffy nose. An easy and cheap way to do this is by using a nasal rinse. The video below shows you how you can rinse your baby's nose with a small bottle. Children who are a bit older can do this themselves with a nasal netti pot. You will also learn how you can make a saline solution easily.

With a bottle

Let your child rinse his or her own nose

'To the hospital' animated video for children

This animated video helps prepare young children (3-6 years old) for their stay at the hospital. The booklet tells the story of Marie and her 'sick ears'. The video covers the entire process - from preparation at home to her hospital discharge - with spoken explanation and visual images (video by Dr Yann Vandormael and Liesbet Seigers).