Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

An occupational therapist advises and trains people who have difficulties carrying out daily activities. This way, people improve their living, working and relaxing conditions. Specifically, the occupational therapist will look for solutions and/or compensation strategies together. This way the patient can keep participating in our rapidly changing society.

More concretely, the focus is for example on exercise sessions, ergonomics, aids, fall prevention and providing information to informal carers and those close to them.

Our advantages

  • The international JCI label for quality of care
  • High-tech infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Compassionate care

For whom?

The different areas for occupational therapists at Maria Middelares General Hospital are:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Older patients
  • Mental health care

Both for patients who are admitted to our hospital, as well as for people who come for therapy on an outpatient basis (i.e. they are not admitted to our hospital).

The specific programmes can be found under ‘Programmes and guidance'.

For whom?

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