Practical information for physicians

Practical information for physicians

View the sample collection guidelines here.

View the laboratory guide here.

You can also download the general information leaflet for the clinical laboratory below.

Free sampling materials

Sampling materials can be ordered using the laboratory's material order cart. This material is delivered free of charge.

Pick-up service

The samples for patients receiving outpatient-based care can be picked up by the physicians using a fixed noon and evening schedule on weekdays, and, if desired, on Saturdays as well. Per request, a urgent collection can be organised, including on Saturdays or Sundays. If you would like to request this service, please telephone +32 (0)9 246 92 29

Daily home injection service

An injection team from the laboratory performs blood draws at home on every weekday. If you would like to request this service, please book an appointment by calling +32 (0)9 246 92 29

Request form

The tests are arranged by clinic groups. Each analysis is tracked by a code that indicates the sample tube that is required. The National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/NIHDI) requires that you strike through the tests to be done. Fill in the clinical information. This makes the interpretation of results easier, if required. A valid request form is provided with:

  • All patient information (name, address, sex and date of birth).
  • A health insurance label with the patient's national register number.
  • A National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/NIHDI) stamp with the requesting physician's number, name, date and signature.

Responding quickly and clearly

Physicians are sent results electronically multiple times a day using the Mediring/Medibridge, and then on paper the following day. The report contains all the information necessary to correctly interpret the results. You may request that you be called with results (if indicated on the request form). You may also call us to inquire about results. We will call you regardless if any values are extremely abnormal. Results can be faxed at your request (if indicated on the request form).

Serum laboratory construction

The sera are kept in the refrigerator for at least one week. Additional tests using these samples can be performed in consultation with the clinical biologist.

Invoicing paid by a third party

The laboratory applies the third-party payment. Depending on the total B-values, the co-payment is invoiced, as legally required. All biologists are covered by agreement with health insurance fund and follow the official fee schedule. Tests that are not reimbursed are clearly indicated on the request form.