With our ageing population, we are seeing an increase in the number of fractures as a result of falls in the elderly. This requires a specific type of care since these fractures in vulnerable elderly people are clearly accompanied by permanently reduced mobility, functionality and a higher risk of institutionalisation. Mortality of elderly people after a hip fracture is as high as 30% in the first year.

The Orthogeriatrics Department is a partnership of the Orthopaedics and Geriatrics Departments, with the aim of providing optimum care to elderly patients with fractures as a result of a fall. Elderly patients with all types of fractures can call on this department but most have a traumatic hip fracture. For these patients, the Geriatrics Department works with the Orthopaedics Department: they draw up treatment schedules in mutual consultation.

By concentrating these patients in a single care unit, the knowledge of the team increases and the quality of care for this group of patients improves.

Through tailored and specialised treatment and rehabilitation, we strive to enable elderly patients to function as independently as possible with a view to achieving optimum recovery.

We also work with the Specialised Treatment and Rehabilitation Service and the Specialised Hospital Department (SP) of the Lemberge Provincial Care Centre.