The Geriatrics Department of Maria Middelares General Hospital is described as a senior-friendly hospital environment that strives to provide high-quality care and services to seniors in need of care.

Geriatrics Department

Geriatrics Department

The Geriatrics Department concentrates on diagnosing, starting the necessary treatment and carrying out modified rehabilitation. This will involve a multidisciplinary approach.

We provide high-quality care to prepare you as well as possible for life after your discharge.

The necessary ongoing care will be determined in consultation with yourself, your GP, other care providers and your family.

Intermediate and long-term care wards

The Geriatrics Department consists of three units: D601, D602 and D603. The Nursing Team can be contacted 24/7.

rooms 6101-6109
rooms 6110-6114
rooms 6115-6120

rooms 6201-6205
room 6206-6215
rooms 6216-6222

rooms 6301-6308
rooms 6309-6313
rooms 6314-6320

In busy periods, you may be admitted to another ward. This will always happen under the supervision of the geriatrician and the Internal Geriatrics Liaison Team.

More (practical) information about the Geriatrics Care Ward can be found here.


All sorts of practical information about our Geriatrics Department can be found in the leaflets below:

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Only available in Dutch:

Elderly patients on other wards in our hospital

Elderly patients on other wards in our hospital

Elderly patients may however also end up on other wards in our hospital. In that case, they will be followed up by an interdisciplinary team from the Internal Liaison Department. This team consists of a geriatrician, a geriatric nurse, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a dietitian and a psychologist. Their advisory role helps to optimise the care that senior care recipients receive.