Freestyle Libre: frequently asked questions


What can you do for serious hypoglycaemia if the patient is unconscious? The patient is not able to drink a soda or to consume grape sugar. He or she needs help, either with glucagen or an emergency injection. See here how this is administered.


How can you quickly and simply measure the sugar level in your blood using a glucometer? Learn more in this video.

Guardian Connect System

How does Guardian Connect work?

Guardian Connect: easy to use

Guardian Connect: placement

How can you place the Guardian Connect yourself? This video shows you all the different steps.


What are the causes of high blood sugars and what can you do about them?


When is it hypoglycaemia? What are the symptoms of hypoglycaemia?
And, if you have hypoglycaemia, how do you solve this?

Insulin therapy

Marie needs to start on insulin therapy. Diabetes educator Annie explains to her how she should give herself insulin in the hand using a step-by-step plan.

Lag time

Travelling with diabetes

Diabetes educator Veerle explains what you need to keep in mind when traveling with diabetes. More than anything, she gives you a lot of practical tips.

Driving license

Did you know that diabetes patients need an adapted driving license? Diabetes is associated with a number of acute problems (e.g. hypoglycaemia) and chronic problems (e.g. nerve pain) that can impair the ability to drive. Do you want to know how to apply for an adapted driving license and what you need to do so? Make sure to watch this video.


What to do when you fall ill?

Site rotation

How do you inject insulin correctly?
Did you know that it is best if you can keep to a site rotation schedule? Discover more in this video.