The communication booklet

You will receive a communication booklet at your first consultation or at the start of chemotherapy. This booklet is designed to promote reciprocal communication between the oncology patient, physicians and multidisciplinary staff within the Oncology Care Programme and the care providers in the patient's situation at home. In addition to the most important contact details, you will also find chapters with more specific information about the treatment. Sheets to be filled in are also provided. We will include comments about the treatment or care. The communication booklet is your personal booklet. All questions and concerns about the situation at home can be mentioned here. Bring the booklet with you every time you visit the hospital and the GP.

Recording symptoms at home

Patients taking oral medication (pills) as an anti-cancer treatment can be followed up with through an app on their smartphone at home. On the app, the oncology coach monitors the treatment in the home environment in close consultation with the attending physician. By regularly recording several parameters, the care providers stay informed about the course of the therapy. Depending on the severity of possible complaints or side effects, the attending physician will be informed and you will receive advice.

Care massages

Oncology patients at Maria Middelares General Hospital are entitled to three free massage therapy sessions each year. The sessions are conducted in a separate massage room by trained volunteers of the non-profit organisation for massage therapy. They help patients relax while they are going through a difficult time.

What is a care massage?

Massage therapy involves gentle, safe massage that is suitable for people with health issues. It is given by recognised massage therapists who have completed and obtained a certificate for an extensive specialist course. Massage therapy can be used as an additional health therapy during treatment, recovery or in a palliative setting.

Why have a care massage?

Many people experience stress when going through a difficult time, which affects their physical condition. Relaxation of the body releases these stress mechanisms. Massage therapy increases the patient’s quality of life and has various health benefits: improved sleeping, less fatigue, less nausea, etc.

The massage

During massage therapy, the focus is always on the person behind the disease. The patients choose themselves which parts of the body they want massaged. Some people opt solely for a hand or head massage. Others prefer to lie on the massage table for a back or leg massage. The massage therapist is always discrete and professional, and he or she creates a pleasant atmosphere.

How do I register?

Register through the secretariat (+32 (0)9 246 95 22, or (Patient -> Making an appointment -> specialism Integrated Cancer Centre in Ghent > Massage therapy).

Location: massage room (at gate D, take the visitors lift to the fourth floor and follow the signs)

REVIVO Rehabilitation Programme

Revivo is our Oncological Rehabilitation Programme that tries to contribute to a better quality of life. You will find here what this oncological rehabilitation can mean for you as a patient, and how you can sign up for it.

Advance care planning

Advance care planning entails thinking about and making agreements on the desired care in case of serious illness, if you are not able to decide for yourself. This is not only for severely ill patients or the elderly, but for all of us. In collaboration with ZorgAndersTV, the support team made a short informative film about early care planning. Click on the link to watch the video:


Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Mr Marc Merchier: +32 (0)9 246 27 50

AYA Project

Are you between 16 and 35 years old and do you have or have you had cancer? You may be interested, then, in participating in the pilot project 'Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer’. The four Ghent hospitals will collaborate on this project to implement a care path for young cancer patients.

Which project?

The Ghent hospitals, in cooperation with ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’, will launch a three-year pilot project to implement the ‘AYA care path’, whereby many regional organisations will work together to improve the care/follow-up treatment for young people aged 16-35 who have cancer.

Practical information

The goal is to meet three times online, as an AYA, to provide feedback and advice on the project so that the promises regarding age-specific and AYA-tailored care can be fulfilled. To participate in these (online) meetings, you will first have an intake conversation with Anneke (a colleague with ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ who leads these meetings). There is a short preparatory session before each meeting. A report is sent after each meeting as well. You will be asked to commit to three meetings, two hours each, which will be held on Saturday afternoons.

The first meeting will be 20 February, and will be held online. On 08 May 2021 and 25 September 2021, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, the following sessions are scheduled.

How do I register?

You may register with Ms Anneke Cattebeke: You may also contact her by phone (or by sending a WhatsApp message) at 0474/76 39 62.


Are you interested, but still have questions about this project? Please contact Julie Cock or Sarah Hauspie.