Follow-up after surgery and post-treatment

A good follow-up after surgery and post-treatment of a breast tumour are necessary. This follow-up takes place every four months for the first two years, then every six months and, finally, every year.

If you have received chemotherapy, your check ups will alternate between the oncologist and the gynaecologist.

A good follow-up consists of:

1. Clinic

  • A clinical examination every four months for two years, after that every six months.
  • Limited blood test at each consultation (optional)
  • Gynaecological examination

2. Mammography (imaging)

  • Annually in the initial phase
  • Afterwards, twice yearly.

Relationships and sexuality

The diagnosis of breast cancer is very unsettling. Suddenly, you are overwhelmed by feelings of fear and insecurity and all you can think about is the treatment, the surgery, the undesired side effects of the therapy, etc... Everything is about overcoming the disease and sexuality often disappears into the background. There are other priorities. Usually you do not want to work on the quality of life again until after the treatment, but intimacy and sex do not always automatically take their place.

Our counsellors are here to help you. There is a solution to alleviate the inconveniences of many of the side effects of the therapy. Together with you we will look for different ways to relive sexuality. Often sexuality is still taboo, but we want to encourage you to talk about sexuality. Our team is here for you!