Breast Centre

Breast Centre

Do you feel something unusual in your breast? Did you have an examination and do the results worry you? Then you will undoubtedly want to find out soon as possible about the nature of the problem, possible treatment and the recovery process.

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Our advantages

  • Recognised coordinating breast clinic
  • Patient-focussed care and support
  • Multidisciplinary framework

Because of our extensive experience and large number of patients, our Breast Centre has been recognised as a coordinating breast clinic. For many years, our specialised oncological care programme for breast cancer, known as the ‘Breast Clinic’ or ‘Breast Centre’ has been providing an answer to this. The multidisciplinary team of our Breast Centre offers you all possible care and support in this difficult situation, in close collaboration with your GP.

The correct diagnosis is determined by clinicians who are specialised in the detection of breast cancer or other breast abnormalities. After the diagnosis, the breast surgeon and, if required, the plastic surgeon will look after you with the utmost care.

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