Hospitalisation is a special experience for everyone. This is certainly the case for children. That is why we think it is important to prepare them as well as possible for their surgery.

Virtual tour

Feel free, before the operation, to go on a virtual visit to the Operating Department at Maria Middelares General Hospital.

After surgery, children wake up in a customised recovery room with the same animal figures that are also present at the Paediatrics Department.

Practical appointments

  • We also ask that children not eat before undergoing surgery. You will find what is required from your child in the leaflet 'Anaesthesia'.
  • We usually use mask anaesthesia until the age of about 10. As with adults, for children older than 10, we prefer the normal technique of using IV anaesthesia.
  • In the case of young children-youth (up until 14 years of age), a parent or guardian may be present when the child is placed under anaesthesia. After that, we ask you to wait outside the Operating Room.
  • After the operation, your child will go to the recovery room. There is a separate room there, especially reserved for children. As soon as your child is in the recovery room safe and pain-free, one parent or guardian can visit the child.

'Marie with her little sick ears’ educational video

To prepare young children (aged 3-6) for their stay in hospital, we created the story of Marie with her 'little sick ears'. The entire process from preparation at home to her departure from the hospital is covered. Dr Yann Vandormael and illustrator Liesbet Slegers (known from the book series about Karel, Kaatje, Rik and Sam) joined forces for this project. Your specialist will give you this in preparation for the surgery.

Would you rather watch a film? That’s possible!