World Bedwetting Day

World Bedwetting Day – this year on Tuesday 26 May – was launched to make the general public and professional care providers aware of the fact that bedwetting is a common medical problem that can and must be treated. This year’s theme is ‘Time to Act', based on an increasing awareness that much more can be done to diagnose and treat bedwetting in children.

‘The psychological impact of bedwetting is indeed grossly underestimated by children and parents. Bedwetting is treated as a medical issue from the first school year (6 years) onwards. Before that age, there is still a realistic chance that the problem will resolve itself naturally. You can always contact our Paediatrics and Urology departments. After an initial diagnosis by a paediatrician, children are always referred to a urologist to investigate the problem further. On that basis, a suitable treatment plan is then drawn up,” explain our experts.

More information about bedwetting and World Bedwetting Day 2020 can be found on, on or on this page.

You can contact us through our Paediatrics Department on +32 9 246 82 00 or through our Urology Department on +32 9 246 79 00.