Together, online

Maria Middelares General Hospital is here for you. We want to support you as best we can throughout your journey, be it a long or a short one. In addition to in-person visits to the hospital, you can now view or add certain digital data from any location using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

What is MyMariaMiddelares

  • Manage a number of things remotely
  • Through a secure website
  • 24/7 accessible

My online appointments

My online appointments

At Maria Middelares General Hospital, you can book appointments online for a number of specialities. You may also see your prior appointments online.

Access to MyMariaMiddelares

Using the patient platform MyMariaMiddelares, the Maria Middelares General Hospital is able to communicate digitally with its patients and with health-conscious people during their entire care and health trajectory.

Please be aware that during the start-up phase, not all physicians can use the platform yet. You can only join at the request of your physician. If your physician uses the platform, you will be told at your next appointment.

  1. It is important that we have an accurate mobile number and e-mail address for you. Please check this information thoroughly when you check in at the e-kiosk. Have you discovered an error? Report this at the information desk or to your physician’s secretariat.
  2. When you want to join, (the secretariat of) your physician will provide access to the platform.
  3. You will receive a text message that confirms your consent.
  4. You will simultaneously receive an e-mail with the box code you need to register. Keep this to hand.
  5. Register through the link in the e-mail or through the ‘Register’ button below.
  6. In our portal, you can find an overview of the documents you can submit digitally.

Registration through the secure website

  • Click on ‘Register’ below.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Enter the box code that you have received by e-mail on the start screen.
  • After confirming your telephone number, you will receive a text message containing a six-digit code.
  • Enter this code on the website. You now have access to the platform.

Need assistance?

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section.

I want to change my e-mail address and/or mobile number.

You can only change your e-mail address and your mobile number if you are physically present in the hospital. You can request this at the secretariat of the physician you are consulting.
For safety reasons, we are unable to make changes by telephone.

Tip: always check at the e-kiosk if your e-mail address and mobile number are still correct.

I have not received a text message after I gave my physician permission to use MyMariaMiddelares.

Is the number 8810 blocked on your device?


You can check in the accompanying manual which settings may potentially cause problems.

  • Go the text app and check if the spam filter has been activated by selecting ‘menu’ or the three dot pictogram in the top right corner of the screen > Settings > Spam filter > if this function is activated.
  • Go to ‘Phone settings’ > ‘Apps’ > select the application you want to receive messages for and make sure that Receive notifications is enabled.
  • If you do not receive any messages when the phone is locked, go to Phone settings -> Device -> Sound and notifications -> When the phone is locked -> Set as: Show all content.
  • Ensure that no third-party applications that have been installed in the phone can block messages.
  • Unable to find the solution? Contact your mobile network provider.

MyMariaMiddelares Help Desk

You may contact the MyMariaMiddelares Help Desk by phone on weekdays (9am-4pm)

Should you have any questions about how the patient platform works, please contact us by calling +32 (0)9 246 46 46.

My medical results

Would you like to consult your medical results and data in a simple and safe way after a consultation or examination?


That is possible through the Cooperative Care Platform (CoZo), a digital collaborative platform that allows patients, care providers and healthcare facilites to exchange and share medical data in a quick and safe manner.

Through CoZo


You can also find this information in the My Health online portal, which was developed by FPD Public Health and its partners and where you can find an overview of all your medical information. Register in the top right corner of the page.

Through My Health